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Pure manual color stitching, on-site customized tile color! German imported brand, Suermei sewing.


Why can the hot sewing industry be favored by so many users? On the one hand, sewing can well realize the function of home decoration and add a lot of bright colors to life, on the other hand, the green feature of sewing makes modern people who attach importance to healthy life very reliable, which is also one of the important reasons for many families to choose sewing. 

In recent years, with the continuous development of the sewing industry and technological updates, the demand for manual color matching and customization has skyrocketed, and the traditional color matching has been unable to meet the color needs of middle and high-end consumers. The coordination of color matching and ceramic tiles has become the focus of attention. At present, the manual color blending technology customized with the true color of ceramic tiles, 100% to realize the customization of one brick and one color, will also be a new skill that must be get for the sewing industry and sewing experts. This is not only the need of the market demand, but also the inevitable way for the brand of the sewing industry to break through the bottleneck of development and realize the development of the times. The epoch-making manual color blending technology in the sewing industry was developed by a team of color blending engineers (Friefelsch) from the headquarters of Sinoer, Germany. it took more than 3 years to overcome various color technical difficulties, and finally modulated the manual color blending technology, which is as high as 99% similar to the true color of various types of ceramic tiles. 


In the beauty sewing industry, manual color blending is a recognized technical problem, which requires not only the excellent technology of the sewing designer, but also the screening and control of raw materials, while the success rate of manual color blending has been maintained at a relatively low level. this also makes this technology an important reason why the industry has long wanted to achieve but has been limited. Suermei sewing is currently the only brand in the sewing industry that has the qualification of manual color blending teaching system, and has an absolute right to speak in the field of domestic manual color blending technology, and manual color blending technology is also the most true portrayal of the craftsmanship of Suermei sewing brand. 


Suermei seams continue the mature German technology and EU manufacturing standards to create the first brand of the whole house sealing system as the development concept. The quality of German products comes from the rigorous and even harsh attitude of the Germans, which is also the core of the ingenuity of craftsmen. 
Under the technical guidance of Germany Sinoer Group, the German original technology is introduced into China, the first-class raw materials are selected, and a large-scale fine seam research and production base is established, relying on years of experience and product quality assurance. Actively carry out project cooperation with various industries, the selection of natural epoxy materials, imported modified epoxy two-component environmental protection materials, polymer composites, etc., using German imported color matching technology. During the service process of the project, the imported epoxy colored sand is adjusted by hand, which shows the preciseness, professionalism and high standard of Suer craftsmen. 
Suermei seams focus on the needs of national household sewing, provide perfect, efficient, professional, full-process protection of quality service, adhering to the concept of customer first, service first, with 100% focus to bring the most satisfactory service experience for customers. 
In the torrent of the times, Suermei seams comply with the trend, integrate the development of the times, keep up with the pace of the times, and create many models and technologies that are ahead of the industry. in order to better achieve development, Suer accepts all rivers of enterprise mind, attracting talents and partners. 
Join SUER Suermei sewing can learn manual color blending technology free of charge, color blending engineers hand-in-hand teaching, the domestic leading manual color blending technology to teach, to fill the industry gap, but also for the development of manual color blending technology and further mature reserve a large number of professionals. After passing the study, the "manual color adjustment qualification certificate of the sewing industry" will be issued uniformly, which is not only an affirmation of the skill of the seaman, but also a full respect and high praise for the spirit of ingenuity. 


Germany Suermei sewing China operator "Carrefour New material Technology Co., Ltd." opens 500 learning places free of charge to the whole country, the opportunity is rare, the quota is limited, if you want to conflict technical obstacles and realize the brand's brand-new development in the industry, it is imperative to open the era of manual color blending of beautiful sewing, for more information, please contact + 0049-2203 5342424 Suiermei sewing to look forward to your joining!