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A place that has to be sewn at home.

In order to make the home appear orderly, most people will divide their homes into areas. there are two areas that are the most important and need to make ceramic tile seams.

Kitchen: an important place for lampblack with three meals a day. The adhesion of the kitchen floor and metope, as well as the kitchen countertop, all need to be sewn.

When cooking, there will be a lot of oil, steam and so on, coupled with the kitchen seasoning may be spilled on the wall or the floor, the kitchen is easy to be full of heavy oil stains and seasoning residue. 

Therefore, it is very important to sew in the kitchen.

1 .after sewing, it is not only waterproof, mildew-proof, but also oil-free. 

2 .made the United States sewing better cleaning, there will be no more mildew, bacteria and other problems. no, no, no. 

3.There is a saying that illness enters through the mouth. The corners of the bathrooms and kitchens in some unsewn old houses are dark, dirty and damp. It will not only affect the appetite and the mood of cooking, but also do harm to the body when eating unclean food. 

Toilet: although the toilet space is not large, but it is the most frequently used place in the day at home, so it is important to keep the toilet clean and tidy.

The bathroom is also the area with the highest humidity in the whole house. after filling the seams with a general seam filling agent, it is easy to collapse the cracks because of the too large water vapor density, which leads to moldy and smelly ceramic tiles, which can be avoided after making ceramic tile seams. And it's more beautiful and easier to clean.

Ceramic tile sewing in addition to more beautiful, there are convenience in cleaning, and do not have to worry about the breeding of bacteria in the gap caused by mildew safety.

Beauty sewing has these advantages, that is, the necessity of making ceramic tile beauty sewing, while choosing the right beauty sewing agent is also very important, in order to avoid the minefield of beauty sewing on the market, you can choose Suermei sewing series of beauty sewing agents. The product function is diversified, in the environmental protection aspect has passed the international authority inspection authentication, the quality is reliable and guaranteed!

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