Whole house seal series

German ceramic clay

Anion nanometer activated carbon technology. 

Negative ion, also known as negative oxygen ion, refers to a diameter of less than 1 nanometer in the air. 
The small negatively charged oxygen ions are felt in the woods by the sea. 
To breathe comfortably, it is because of this negative ion that Suerde ceramic mud makes you. 
You can feel like a jungle at home.

Technical parameters:


Scope of use: 
Used for high-grade ceramic tiles, antique special-shaped seams, stone and all kinds of mosaics; indoor and outdoor walls, floors, 
Kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, etc.; residential, business occasions. 
Advantages and characteristics: 
Excellent physical properties, with waterproof, wear resistance, high strength, good durability, anti-fouling, strong chemical resistance. 
Corrosion performance; wide range of use, can be used for indoor and outdoor walls, floor tiles, stone, Marseilles. 
Gram filling seam; unique formula, can be adjusted into a variety of colors, flexible collocation, both with a variety of monochrome tiles, 
The combination of stone village and mosaic can also be used for features such as mosaic mosaics with multiple colors at the same time. 
Special design; contains antibacterial and anti-mildew ingredients to prevent the growth of mold and the invasion of algae and other microorganisms in the seam filling. 
Corrosion; bright color, anti-ultraviolet, can maintain the decorative effect for a long time, never change color; environmentally friendly products. 
No irritating odor, low VOC emission. 
Storage conditions: 
Stored at 5-35 °C, the quality period is 2 years without unpacking.

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