Whole house seal series

Matte porcelain

This product adopts imported modified epoxy two-component environmental protection materials, and introduces advanced German. Refined by minimally invasive nanotechnology. The surface of the finished product has a natural matte color. As hard as. Porcelain, anti-acid and alkali aging, waterproof and dirt-resistant.

Technical parameters:


Scope of use:

All kinds of ceramic tiles, glass tiles, quartz tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaics and other seams, waterproof, mildew-proof, beautiful seams. Shower rooms, bathrooms, windowsills, countertops and other gaps, floor walls of all kinds of edges of the United States seams.

Use method:

1. Clean up the gap, make sure that the gap can not have moisture and dust to avoid uneven surface and easy to peel off after construction, the construction surface is wet and overcast. Construction is prohibited on rainy days, and it is forbidden to encounter water before the product is fully solidified. 
3. The use of labor-saving glue gun construction, first hit 40 cm rubber material discarded, to ensure that the glue mixture is uniform. 
4. Glue along the gap, the diameter of the glue outlet should be less than the width of the gap. 
5. After gluing, you can use a glue tool to beautify the gap along the slot, and the surface is round. If there is an overflow of glue, wipe it with alcohol or wait for the glue to solidify and shovel it with a spatula. 
6. It is initially solidified after standing for 3-5 hours, and completely solidified the next day.

Matters needing attention:

1.Avoid long-term contact with uncured products by eyes and skin, and do not let children touch them. 

2.If the construction is interrupted for more than 20 minutes, the colloid will slowly solidify in the mixed pipe. 
3.For unused glue in the hose, unscrew the mixing tube and close the lid so that you can continue to use it next time. 
4.When the temperature is low in winter, it needs to be heated before use, so that the construction can be more smooth. 
5.Beauty pattern paper must be affixed to the construction of rough surface tiles and corner lines.

Storage and transportation:

Transport: moistureproof, rainproof, sunscreen, high temperature protection, stay away from heat source, handle with care, do not squeeze and collide. Storage: sealed and stored in a low temperature, dry place. 
It is recommended to store in an environment with a temperature of 5-25 °C and humidity ≤ 50%RH for 12 months.

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